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On behalf of our entire staff, we would like to welcome you to ArtBliss Hotel. We are honored that you have chosen to stay with us and look forward to providing you with a memorable experience.


ArtBliss Hotel provides a contactless check-in experience. You may check-in anytime after 4pm on your arrival date and check-out by 11am on your departure date.  


ArtBliss Hotel can accommodate 1 vehicle per cottage; additional overnight parking may be found on 1st Street, one block south of the property, or on 2nd Street, east of the hotel.  Please observe any "No Overnight Parking" signs on 2nd Street west of the hotel. 



We welcome your dog to the property. Please observe the following:

  • Do not allow pets on our furniture, especially upholstered chairs and beds

  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet

  • While outside, pets must be on a leash 

  • Pets should not be left unattended in the cottage or on balconies or patios

  • Any damages to the property, furniture or contents of the cottage will result in an additional charge equal to 120% of the replacement value and/or cost of necessary repairs 



Our kitchenettes are stocked with dishes and cookware to prepare light meals including a cooktop and microwave. We provide coffee, teas, sweeteners and salt & pepper.  Cooking oils and other spices are not provided.  

  • Cooktop instructions are located inside the top drawer of the kitchenette; the induction burners only work with magnetic cookware (provided)

  • While using the cooktop please be sure to use the range hood above

  • Be careful not to wash food remains down the drain; please dispose of kitchen scraps in the waste bin under the sink

  • Please wash any used dishes; a drying rack is in the second drawer

  • The bamboo countertops stain easily; we ask that you use the provided cutting board and coasters



We hope you enjoy the gas fire pit on the communal deck under the Doug firs.

  • To start the fire pit, press the large knob, turn it left and use the lighter provided to ignite the fire; hold the knob pressed for 10-20 seconds until the flame stays on

  • To turn off, press and turn the knob all the way to the right, until you don’t hear the gas flow

  • We ask that the guests turn off the fire for the night by 12am if other cottages are occupied

​A gas barbecue grill is located between the communal deck and Cottage #1

  • Be sure to clean the grill after use to make it available for other guests

  • Please complete grilling by 10pm to keep noise and smells to a minimum for your neighbors

Children under 16 are not permitted to operate the fire pit or barbecue grill. Please observe quiet time in communal spaces after 10pm. 



Please contact us immediately to report any accidental damage or other issues.  Any damages to the property, furniture or contents of the cottage will result in an additional charge equal to 120% of the replacement value and/or cost of necessary repairs 


  • Each cottage is equipped with smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, as well as an automatic fire suppression sprinkler system; additionally, there is a fire extinguisher under the sink in the kitchenette 

  • Please take extra care and assist children when using the ladder to access the loft; please use handrails and descend facing the ladder

  • The range hood box can be in the way while using the cooktop; please be aware of the corner point when leaning toward the stove 

  • For your safety and comfort, ArtBliss Hotel adheres to strict cleaning and sanitation practices; we use a professional laundry service for all bedding, blankets and towels.

























Local activities and hikes:   mention Artbliss for 20% OFF

Local favorites:     -Great food , family and pet friendly local brewpub offering high quality food and legendary beer!

Short, nearby hikes:

Wind Mountain, rewarding 40 minute hike just east of Stevenson, views from the top are simply spectacular.

Beacon Rock, quick 20 minute climb also offers great views of Columbia River.

Hardy Falls, a leisure 30min walk to a series of beautiful waterfalls hidden in the forest.

Falls Creek Falls, 30 minute drive from Artbliss, great easy, 2mile in hike to a stunning waterfall.

More challenging hikes:

Dog Mountain,  approx 4 hour round trip, wildflowers in May are a must!

Hamilton Mountain, similar to Dog Mountain, great views from the top, but generally fewer tourists.


If you’re ready to step out and explore the area, our hotel is conveniently located, within walking distance of a variety of popular restaurants and local attractions, feel free to contact us for recommendations.

If you need anything during your stay, we will be pleased to assist you.


Please reach out to us via text or call:  509.901.1070

We sincerely thank you for choosing  ArtBliss Hotel and hope that you have a comfortable and pleasant stay!

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